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How to Fix Palworld Can Only Swing Once?

Ever wondered why you can only swing once in Palworld? Or are you seeking the best weapons to enhance your gaming experience? If so, you’re in the right place. 

In this blog, you will uncover the top weapons in Palworld, their crafting requirements, and the damage they inflict. 

How to Fix Palworld Can Only Swing Once? 

Are you a Palworld player vexed with the “Palworld Can Only Swing Once” bug? You aren’t alone. This glitch seems to be a widespread issue in the game, causing much annoyance among players. But worry not! We have compiled some proven ways to deal with this bug and enhance your gaming experience. 

1. Leave And Rejoin Guild:

The first solution is quite straightforward – leave your Guild and rejoin it. Several players have tried this method and found it successful in resolving the issue. However, here’s a word of caution. It would be best if you attempted this when all players in your Guild are online. 

Some players have reported data corruption for those who are not online at the time. This is not a common occurrence but has happened in some rare instances. Hence, it’s better to avoid taking the risk. 

2. Reinstall Game on Server:

If the first method doesn’t work, don’t despair yet. You have another option left – reinstalling the game on the server. Do this if the previous method didn’t solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the bug has not been officially patched by the developers yet, and there are no other fixes for the swing once bug at this time. However, we trust the first method will work for you, as it has for us. 

Why Do You Get This Error?

The exact cause of this error is unknown as the Palworld developers have not officially addressed it. It is estimated that it may occur when some files related to player data get corrupted on your Palworld server. 

The only solution to fix this bug is to leave and rejoin your guild, or reinstall a fresh copy of the game on your server. Unfortunately, this glitch appears randomly, and there are no known ways to prevent it. We hope developers will soon release a patch to fix this frustrating bug. 

Best Weapon In Palworld

Rocket Launcher – The Ultimate Powerhouse:

The Rocket Launcher takes the crown as the top weapon in Palworld. This late-game weapon packs an impressive punch, dealing a whopping 10,000 points of damage. With the capacity of a single shot, it is ideally suited for dealing with heavy single targets like bosses or towers. 

To craft this weapon, you need to be Level 49 and have 75x Pal Metal Ingots, 50x Carbon Fiber, and 30x Polymer. Despite its single ammo capacity, the massive damage it inflicts makes it a game-changer.

Assault Rifle – The Popular Choice:

Next on our list is the Assault Rifle. Another late-game weapon, it’s a fan favorite among Palworld players because of its continuous firing ability until reloading. Dealing 320 points of damage per bullet with a capacity of 20 ammo, it’s a force to be reckoned with. 

To craft this weapon, you need to be at Level 45 and require 40x Refined Ingots, 30x Carbon Fiber, and 10x Polymer. Its impressive firepower and ammo capacity make it a formidable weapon in Palworld.

Pump Action Shotgun – The Close Range Specialist:

For those who prefer close-range fights, the Pump Action Shotgun is your go-to weapon. An upgraded version of the Double Barreled Shotgun, it deals 220 damage per bullet and has an ammo capacity of 8.

To craft this weapon, you need to be Level 42 and require 40x Carbon Fiber, 30x Refined Ingots, and 20x Polymer. With its significant damage and ammo capacity, it’s ideal for close-quarter combats.

Poison/Fire Crossbow – The Lasting Effect:

Standing out from the crowd is the Poison/Fire Crossbow. What sets it apart from other weapons is its lasting effect. Dealing 280 points of damage with a single shot capacity, this weapon leaves a lasting impact on its targets. 

Despite its single-shot limitation, its unique ability makes it a desirable weapon in Palworld.

Single Shot Rifle – The One-Shot Wonder:

Last but not least, we have the Single Shot Rifle. An upgraded version of the Musket, it deals a staggering 1100 points of damage. However, it has a downside – a single-shot capacity, meaning you have to reload after each shot. 

To craft this weapon, you need 20x Refined Ingots and 5x Polymer. Despite its reloading constraint, its high damage makes it a powerful weapon in the game.


Playing Palworld should be a fun and immersive experience. The “Palworld Can Only Swing Once” bug shouldn’t dampen your gaming enthusiasm. We hope the solutions we’ve provided here will help you resolve the swing once bug and get back to enjoying the game. 

Remember, a quick exit and reentry into your guild or a game reinstall should do the trick. Let’s hope for a permanent fix from the developers soon. 

Follow these steps and get rid of the annoying bug that hinders your gaming experience. We’ve got you covered if you face the “Palworld Can Only Swing Once” glitch. Here’s to uninterrupted gaming sessions and the thrill of Palworld adventures!

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