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Forsaken Altar: What is it and How to Use it in Against the Storm?

The Forsaken Altar is a powerful and strategic feature in the popular game Against the Storm. For players looking to enhance their gameplay and unlock new possibilities, the Forsaken Altar is a must-learn element. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the basics of the Forsaken Altar, how to use it effectively, and some tips to ensure success in your journey. So, buckle up and get ready to conquer the storm!

What is Forsaken Altar?

The Forsaken Altar is a unique feature in Against the Storm’s prestige mode, allowing players to purchase powerful “stormforged cornerstones” during storms. These cornerstones are upgrades to the legendary ones, boasting much stronger effects. 

To acquire them, you need to pay with precious resources and settler lives. The Altar requires progress, measured in Reputation, to unlock purchase points, and unclaimed cornerstones don’t block future purchases.

How to Use Forsaken Altar in Against the Storm?

The Forsaken Altar can only be active during the Storm season, granting you the opportunity to gain some valuable perks. However, these perks come at a price – you must pay with citadel resources and settler lives. 

In return, you will receive a supercharged legendary cornerstone with enhanced stats compared to the regular legendary cornerstones. Here are the stats for both variants:

  • Legendary Cornerstone: +1 Global Resolve and +10 Villager Speed
  • Supercharged Legendary Cornerstone: +3 Global Resolve and +25 Village Speed

Against the Storm Game Overview 

Against the Storm is a city-building roguelite strategy game where players must construct and maintain a thriving settlement in a world plagued by endless rainstorms. The game is all about making strategic decisions to ensure the survival and prosperity of your people. 

Players will gather resources, construct buildings, and research new technologies to develop their settlement amidst the relentless rain. As the game progresses, you will encounter various challenges and events that force you to adapt your strategies and take calculated risks.

One of the most distinctive features of Against the Storm is its procedurally generated maps, ensuring that each playthrough is a unique experience. Players must adapt to the ever-changing landscapes and weather conditions, making each game a fresh and exciting challenge. 

The game offers three different races – humans, beavers, and lizards – each with their unique traits, abilities, and technologies, which adds a layer of depth and replayability to the game. Moreover, Against the Storm boasts a stunning visual art style and an atmospheric soundtrack, immersing players in its captivating rain-soaked world.

Is Against the Storm Popular?

Since its release, Against the Storm has garnered a growing and dedicated player base. The game has received praise for its unique blend of city-building and roguelike elements, as well as its captivating art style and engaging gameplay. 

Players appreciate the depth and variety offered in the game, making it a popular choice for fans of strategy and city-building titles. Furthermore, the developers’ active engagement with the community and their commitment to updating and expanding the game have contributed to its growing popularity.

When it comes to comparing Against the Storm to other strategy games, it holds its own in terms of innovation, depth, and replayability. While it may not have the massive player base of longstanding strategy game franchises like Civilization or Age of Empires, Against the Storm has carved out a niche for itself in the market.

Its unique blend of city-building and roguelike elements, combined with its atmospheric setting and engaging gameplay, make it a refreshing and enjoyable experience for strategy game enthusiasts.


The Forsaken Altar in Against the Storm is a powerful and strategic game element that, when used effectively, can help you dominate the battlefield. By understanding how it works and actively utilizing its benefits, you can enhance your gameplay and gain a competitive edge. 

Remember to be strategic in your decisions, manage your resources wisely, and keep an eye on your Reputation progress. With these tips in mind, you are well on your way to conquering the storm!

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