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No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld: How to Fix

The world of Palworld has captivated many players with its unique blend of creature collection and management, and base-building gameplay. 

However, some players have encountered the “No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld, Switching to Automatic Work Mode” error, which will not allow your pals to work. We will explore the reasons behind this error and provide solutions to help you.

Why This Error Appears?

The “No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld” error is an unexpected bug that prevents players from assigning tasks to their pals. Although there is no official information about this bug or its patch, many players have reported experiencing it. 

As Palworld is a relatively new game, it is not uncommon for bugs to be present. There is no specific reason why this error appears; it seems to affect random players. Fortunately, there are some ways to fix this issue, which we will discuss in the following section.

How to Fix No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld?

1. Shoot Pals at Sky

The first and most effective way to fix the “No Work in Immediate Vicinity” bug was shared by a Reddit user named “JCmechanic86“. This solution has been tested by many players and has worked for almost all of them. 

According to JCmechanic86, you need to stand at the entrance of your ranch, look at the sky, and shoot your pals into the air. When they fall back to the ground, they will start working. It’s that simple! We owe our thanks to this insightful user who discovered this unconventional method.

2. Restart the Game

While the first solution is highly effective, if it does not work for you, you can try restarting the game. This simple action can sometimes rectify the issue, allowing your pals to resume working as intended.

3. Placing Buildings at a Distance

Another tip to help you deal with this bug is to place your buildings at a reasonable distance from each other. Sometimes, this can instantly resolve the issue and get your pals back to work without any further complications.

5 Must Have Pals at Your Base

Best Pals to Have
Best Pals to Have

1. Anubis (Handiwork)

Anubis, a late-game powerhouse, is a must-have for any ambitious base project. Boasting the highest base Handiwork skill in the game, Anubis excels at crafting and building. 

Not only can it mine and transport, but it also efficiently produces items and structures. You can breed Anubis relatively easily with various combinations, making it an invaluable addition to your base.

2. Jormuntide Ignis (Kindling)

When it comes to smelting and cooking, Jormuntide Ignis reigns supreme. With a level 4 Kindling skill, this fiery giant ensures a steady supply of ingots and cooked food by significantly speeding up these processes. 

However, its size can cause issues in tight indoor spaces. If space is a concern, consider Jormuntide, the regular water type, a slightly less efficient but more space-friendly alternative.

3. Blazamut (Mining)

Meet Blazamut, the undisputed king of mining in No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld. With a level 4 Mining skill, Blazamut obliterates rocks like no other. Although acquiring it can be a challenge, either through catching a guaranteed Alpha or breeding, its unmatched efficiency makes it worth the effort. 

A few Blazamuts in a dedicated mining camp can ensure a constant flow of resources for crafting and ammunition.

4. Azurobe (Watering)

Azurobe is the ideal Pal for watering your crops and grinding stone into Paldium fragments. Its manageable size and focus on watering make it perfect for maintaining healthy crops and milling wheat into flour. 

While Jormuntide has a higher Watering skill, Azurobe’s manageable size makes it a better choice for base owners who prefer not to have a giant Pal around. Capture a powerful Alpha Azurobe for a quick boost to your base’s productivity.

5. Sparkit (Early Game Handiwork)

For early game assistance with crafting and building, Sparkit is your best bet. Its level 1 Handiwork skill may not seem impressive compared to the endgame Pals, but it’s sufficient for your early needs. 

Unlike some Pals with multiple skills, Sparkit stays focused on its task. Easy to find and valuable for your starting base, Sparkit is a great addition until you upgrade to a more powerful Handiwork specialist.


The “No Work in Immediate Vicinity Palworld” bug can be frustrating for players who want to fully enjoy the game and manage their pals efficiently. By following the solutions provided in this blog post, you can overcome this issue and continue your Palworld journey with minimal interruption.

Remember to shoot your pals at the sky, restart the game if necessary, and place buildings at a suitable distance. As Palworld continues to be updated and improved, we hope to see this bug resolved in future patches, ensuring a seamless gaming experience for all.

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