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Is Beartek Still in Business? 2024 Latest Update

In the world of technology and innovation, companies often come and go, leaving consumers wondering about the fate of their favorite products and brands. Beartek, a pioneering company in the field of wearable technology, once gained widespread attention for its innovative and practical approach to integrating technology into everyday accessories. 

However, in recent years, there has been speculation and confusion regarding the status of Beartek’s business operations. Many loyal customers and enthusiasts are left questioning whether Beartek is still in business and producing its groundbreaking products.

In this article, we will delve into the current status of Beartek and provide an overview of the company’s journey in the fast-paced world of consumer electronics. We will explore the factors that have contributed to the uncertainty surrounding Beartek’s business, and examine any recent developments or announcements from the company.

Whether you are a long-time supporter of Beartek’s innovative products or simply curious about the fate of the company, this article aims to provide clarity and insight into the current status of Beartek’s business operations.

History of Beartek

Beartek, originally based in New York, was a company that aimed to revolutionize wearable technology. They started their journey in 2012, with a vision to create gloves that could do more than just keep your hands warm. Their goal was to create a product that was practical, fashionable, and technologically advanced.

The company’s founders, Tarik Rodgers and Willie Blount, were driven by their passion for motorcycling, skiing, and snowboarding. They saw the need for a product that allowed people to control their devices without having to remove their gloves. And so, the idea of Beartek gloves, also known as smart gloves, was born.

Is Beartek Still in Business?

No, Beartek is no longer in business today. The company ceased operations in 2019, a few years after their appearance on Shark Tank. Despite the innovative concept and potential market, Beartek had to cease operations. The company’s website is now inactive, and their social media accounts have been silent since 2017.

Is Beartek Still in Business
Is Beartek Still in Business

Reasons for Closure

The reasons for their closure aren’t explicitly stated anywhere, leaving room for speculation. However, some factors might have contributed to their downfall. The tech industry is incredibly competitive, and Beartek was a small fish in a big pond.

Raising enough capital for research, development, and marketing was likely a significant challenge. Their product, while innovative, was also quite niche. Not everyone needed or wanted smart gloves, limiting their customer base.

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The Smart Glove by Beartek

Despite their closure, Beartek’s smart gloves remain a fascinating product. They were designed to allow users to control their smartphones or GoPro cameras by tapping certain areas on the gloves.

The gloves used Bluetooth technology to connect to the devices. They featured six touchpoints that could be used to perform different actions such as play music, answer calls, or take photos. While the company has ceased operations, the impact of their innovative product still resonates in the tech industry.

What Happened to Beartek After Its Shark Tank Appearance?

Beartek made a splash when it appeared on Shark Tank, seeking an investment for its innovative gloves that control smartphones and GoPro cameras. The gloves, designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts, were met with interest but also skepticism.

Despite a dynamic presentation, Beartek did not receive the investment it had hoped for. The sharks were impressed with the product, but they expressed concerns about the company’s valuation and the market’s niche nature.

In the aftermath of this setback, Beartek did not crumble. Instead, it showed resilience and determination, using the Shark Tank exposure to boost its profile and gain customer interest.

Did Beartek Survive After Shark Tank?

Despite the setback on Shark Tank, Beartek not only survived but thrived. The company leveraged the publicity it gained from the show and threw itself into marketing and product development.

The gloves were well-received by its target market – outdoor sports enthusiasts, who appreciated the gloves’ functionality and innovation. The company also expanded its product range, venturing into different types of wearable technology.

Thus, the answer to the question, “Is Beartek still in business?” is a resounding yes. The company has weathered the storm and emerged stronger and more innovative.

Beartek’s Net Worth and Valuation

The exact net worth and valuation of Beartek are not publicly disclosed. However, given the company’s steady sales and growth since its Shark Tank appearance, it’s fair to say that Beartek is in a stable financial position.

The company’s initial valuation on Shark Tank was met with skepticism, but Beartek has since proven its worth. The company’s innovative products and steady growth suggest a favorable valuation, though the exact figures remain confidential.

The Future of Beartek

The future looks promising for Beartek. The company continues to innovate and expand its product line, appealing to a broader customer base. Beartek’s commitment to high-quality, functional, and innovative products is likely to drive its continued success.

Moreover, as wearable technology becomes more prevalent, Beartek is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend. The company’s proven ability to adapt and innovate bodes well for its future prospects.


So, is Beartek still in business? Unfortunately, no. But their legacy lives on. They were pioneers in creating a unique product that seamlessly integrated technology into everyday life. Their journey serves as a reminder of how innovation can reshape our world. And who knows? Maybe one day, we’ll see the return of the smart gloves.

FAQs – Is Beartek Still in Business?

Did Beartek Appear on Shark Tank?

Yes, Beartek made an appearance on Shark Tank in the past to pitch its innovative smart glove product.

Can I Still Buy BearTek Products?

Yes, BearTek products are still available through major retailers like Amazon. However, keep in mind the lack of recent updates and potentially limited stock due to reduced production.

Is BearTek Customer Support still Available?

Their website provides contact information, including email and phone numbers. However, response times might be slower due to potentially reduced staff.

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