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Are Resources Shared Between Bases in Palworld?

Palworld is a survival action game where players are tasked with crafting, building, and fighting in an open-world setting. One question that’s been on the mind of many players is, “Are resources shared between bases in Palworld?” 

This blog post will explore that question and provide some useful tips and hacks for managing your resources in the game.

Are Resources Shared Between Bases?

Unfortunately, resources are not shared between bases in Palworld. This presents a unique and challenging aspect of the game where players must strategize and work hard to manage their resources effectively. 

The absence of a unified base inventory can be a hurdle for some, but it also adds an extra layer of depth to the gameplay. As of now, there’s no official announcement from the developers regarding the introduction of this feature in the future.

Best Hack to Move Heavy Stack of Resources

Despite the lack of a shared inventory, players have found workarounds to make managing resources easier. One such hack was discovered by a player named makeUmove, who posted a video on Twitter showcasing the method. The video demonstrated how to move a stack of 9,999 stone and wood, proving that this hack is not limited to a specific type of resource.

Here are the simple steps to execute this hack:

  1. Open the Storage containing your resources.
  2. Hold the item you wish to transfer.
  3. Press Tab to exit the menu. You’ll notice the item you picked up remains on your screen.
  4. Walk to the location where you want to transfer the item and deposit it.

This hack works with any item and has been confirmed by numerous players. However, it might only be effective for users playing with a mouse and keyboard. Check out the original video by makeUmove for a visual guide on how to use this hack.

How to Move Resources From One Base to Another? 

The other way to move resources from one base to another is by using a grappling gun. Although, it is not an easy trick but still better than manually transferring. 

1. Preparation

Firstly, ensure you are at the base where your items are stored and that you have a grappling gun. Once you are ready, pick up all the items you wish to transfer from one base to another.

2. Ignore Overburden

It’s important to ignore any overburden warnings that might pop up while you’re gathering your items. Despite these warnings, continue to collect all the items in your inventory until you have everything you need.

3. Use the Grappling Gun

Now, with all your items in your inventory, it’s time to put the grappling gun to use. Aim it towards the Palbox and trigger it. This action will take you to the Palbox.

4. Fast Travel

Once at the Palbox, use the fast travel option to move to your other base. Fast travel is a convenient feature in Palworld that allows you to move swiftly between different bases.

5. Depositing the Items

After reaching your other base, use the grappling gun once more to get to your storage. Here, you can deposit all the items you’ve transferred.

6. Repeat the Process

This process can be repeated as many times as you wish. However, it’s important to note that this method does not work with unofficial bases, i.e., bases without the fast travel feature.


While Palworld does not currently feature shared inventories between bases, players have discovered creative ways to manage and move their resources. The lack of shared resources might pose a challenge, but it also offers an opportunity to devise unique strategies and make the game even more engaging. 

So, keep exploring, keep strategizing, and most importantly, keep enjoying Palworld. Hopefully, the hack shared in this post will help make your gameplay experience even better. 

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