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How to Get Visage of Aurostor in WoW?

Welcome to the world of WoW where epic adventures and fierce battles await you! In this post, we explore the Visage of Aurostor, a unique and sought-after cosmetic item in World of Warcraft. 

If you’re ready to level up your in-game appearance and stand out from the crowd, then read on to learn how to get your hands on this rare and stunning headpiece.

Visage of Aurostor in WoW

The Visage of Aurostor is an epic head cosmetic item that was introduced in World of Warcraft during Patch 10.2.0, titled “Guardian of Dream.” This update was released in 2023 and brought with it new content, including the Emerald Dream zone and the Aurostor World Boss. 

The Visage of Aurostor is an Epic Costmatic Head, resembling a bear’s head wearing a helmet. It boasts a barbaric design and requires a character level of 58 to equip.

How to Get Visage of Aurostor?

Although the Visage of Aurostor is an epic cosmetic item, it’s not available for purchase or crafting. Instead, it’s a rare drop that can only be obtained by defeating the formidable Aurostor World Boss. Aurostor the Hibernating is a runebear wild god located in the Emerald Dream. To have a chance at acquiring this coveted item, you’ll need to face this fearsome foe.

Emerald Dream, the mystical zone that was added in Patch 10.2.0, is where you’ll find Aurostor the Hibernating. Gather a group of skilled players and venture deep into the heart of the Dream to confront this powerful boss.

Be prepared for a challenging battle, but don’t lose hope; with persistence and strategy, you may get lucky and secure the Visage of Aurostor as a reward for your efforts. There are other rewards as well that you may get by defeating the boss like:

  • Aurostor’s Sleeping Knickers
  • Flame-Etched Breastplate
  • Grasps of Awakened Fury
  • Restful Dozer’s Shoes
  • Slumbering Ursine Talisman
  • Mark of the Hibernating Runebear
  • Crown of Freya’s Chosen
  • Forgotten Jalgar’s Girdle
  • Mossen Rage Waistguard
  • Rousing Earth Striders
  • Flourishing Whimsydrake: Sunrise Scales

Emerald Dream Zone: Overview

As we mentioned earlier, the Emerald Dream Zone was added in Patch 10.2.0 in 2023 to World of Warcraft. This enigmatic area is accessible after completing the second quest of the second chapter of the Guardians of the Dream campaign. Once unlocked, players can effortlessly enter the Emerald Dream through the Dream Portal.

The Emerald Dream Zone is visually stunning, featuring lush landscapes, ethereal creatures, and captivating scenery. This dreamlike realm offers a departure from the familiar zones in WoW, providing a refreshing change of pace for players.

As with other zones in WoW, the Emerald Dream Zone boasts its own unique collectibles, bosses, and challenges. Collectors can hunt for rare mounts, pets, and toys exclusive to this zone. Meanwhile, PvE enthusiasts can test their mettle against powerful bosses in epic encounters that require strategy and teamwork.


In conclusion, the Visage of Aurostor is a rare and distinctive cosmetic item that can elevate your World of Warcraft character’s appearance. To obtain this epic headpiece, you’ll need to venture into the Emerald Dream and face the mighty Aurostor the Hibernating. 

Be prepared for a challenge, but remember, the spoils of victory are well worth the effort. Good luck, brave adventurers, and may the Visage of Aurostor soon be yours!

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