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Starfield Sneak Attack Not Counting: Easy Fix

As a Starfield player, mastering the art of the sneak attack can give you a significant advantage in combat by catching your enemies off guard. However, many players have reported a frustrating glitch where their sneak attacks not counting towards their skill progress. 

In this blog post, we will explore several solutions to fix this issue and help you maximize your Stealth skill in Starfield.

Starfield Sneak Attack Not Counting: Possible Solutions

Sneak attacks come in very handy in Startfield and the main skill that allows you to perform sneak attacks is Stealth skill. A lot of players trying to max this skill but facing that their sneak attacks are not counting in the progress. Thus, they are unable to max this skill. Let’s look at how to fix sneak attacks not counting.

1. Check Stealth Bar Status

When you unlock the Stealth skill in Starfield, a status bar appears on your screen whenever you crouch. This bar displays three statuses: “Hidden,” “Caution,” and “Danger.” 

To ensure your sneak attack counts, make sure your stealth bar displays the “Hidden” status before attacking. If it shows “Caution” or “Danger,” your attack may not be considered a sneak attack.

2. Avoid Chameleon Gear

While not confirmed, some online guides suggest that armor with Chameleon properties might cause sneak attacks not to count. 

Try performing a sneak attack without wearing any Chameleon gear to see if it resolves the issue. Though it didn’t work for everyone, it’s worth a shot.

3. Try Attacking Alone

Your companion could be another reason for your sneak attacks not counting. Test this by attempting sneak attacks without your companion nearby. If it still doesn’t count, don’t be disheartened – there are more solutions to try.

4. Try Attacking From Long Range

Some players have reported that long-range attacks count towards skill progress, but short-range attacks do not. This might be due to the “Hidden” status not being maintained during close-range encounters. 

Experiment with long-range attacks instead of melee attacks to see if they count towards your progress.

5. Restart Your Game and PC

The most basic and often most effective solution to many in-game glitches is restarting the game. In this case, we recommend restarting your entire PC to ensure a clean slate. This method has worked for many players experiencing the sneak attack not counting issue.

However, we have mentioned all the ways that were available online and players reviewed that these methods work for them. The effective ways to fix sneak attacks not counting are Stealth Bar Status, Attacking Solo, and Restart method. 

Can You Perform Sneak Attack Without a Suppressed Weapon?

Yes, you can execute a sneak attack without a suppressed weapon. However, doing so in the presence of multiple enemies can be risky due to the noise. The enemies will swarm you, attracted by the sound of battle. 

Therefore, using a suppressed weapon is the smart choice when launching an attack on a large group of adversaries. So, not only does a suppressed weapon keep you hidden, but it can also pack a punch when it matters most.

Best Way to Perform Sneak Attack 

The best way to stage a sneak attack is to maintain your hidden status while using a suppressed weapon. Sneak attacks can significantly boost your damage output in combat missions. Your stealth bar status indicates how close you are to being detected. 

Your stealth bar status is crucial during these stealth operations. The indicator above your screen is visible once you’re crouched A suppressed weapon, coupled with your stealth skill level, can deal significant damage to your targets. 

To further enhance your sneak attack, consider leveling up your stealth skill. As you climb the tiers, you’ll reap benefits that make your stealth missions more effective:

Tier One: Upon unlocking the stealth skill, you’ll gain a stealth meter, be 25% harder to detect during sneak attacks, and your suppressed weapons will deal 5% more damage.

Tier Two: At this level, detection becomes 50% more difficult, and your suppressed weapon’s damage increases by 10% during sneak attacks.

Tier Three: Here, detection becomes 75% more challenging, and suppressed weapons deal 15% more damage during sneak attacks.

Tier Four: Finally, at the highest level, you become 100% more difficult to detect, and your suppressed weapons deal a whopping 20% more damage during sneak attacks.


While the Starfield sneak attack not counting glitch can be frustrating, there are several potential solutions to try. By checking your Stealth Bar status, attacking solo, avoiding Chameleon gear, using long-range attacks, and restarting your game and PC, you can increase your chances of resolving this issue. 

Keep experimenting and adjusting your gameplay to ensure your stealthy skills are recognized and rewarded in the world of Starfield.

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