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Spirittea: How to Scrub Spirits?

Welcome to the world of Spirittea, a charming game where you scrub spirits and rebuild a bathhouse in a delightful fantasy setting. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from scrubbing spirits to cleaning the bathhouse, providing a detailed overview of the game. Let’s start on this journey in the mystical world of Spirittea!

Scrub Spirits in Spirittea

The joy of Spirittea lies in making spirits happy, and to achieve this, you need to scrub them! You can do this using a tool called the Floor Broom. It’s important to note that there are two types of brooms in Spirittea – the Floor Broom and the Ceiling Broom. For scrubbing spirits, you need the Floor Broom.

Where to find the Floor Broom? Simple! It’s located at the entrance of the Prep Room. Once you have the broom, use it on any upset spirits. The process is straightforward:

  1. Get the Floor Broom from the Prep Room.
  2. Use the Floor Broom on any upset spirit.
  3. Watch as the spirit becomes happy!

Remember, your ultimate goal in Spirittea is to keep the spirits happy. Therefore, if you encounter any upset spirit, don’t hesitate to give them a good scrub and spread some joy!

How to Clean the Bathhouse?

The heart of Spirittea is the bathhouse. It’s your responsibility to restore it to its former glory and ensure it’s an inviting place for the spirits. Cleaning the bathhouse is a crucial part of this process.

Start by cleaning the dust and cobwebs with the Floor Broom and Ceiling Broom. Yes, cleaning can be a lengthy process, considering it’s the main goal of the game. But, it’s an incredibly satisfying task as you see the bathhouse gradually regain its charm.

Remember, cleaning the bathhouse isn’t just a one-time job. It’s an ongoing process that requires your consistent effort. With each bit of cleaning, you’re one step closer to achieving the game’s main goal – a happy, clean, and revitalized bathhouse!

Spirittea Game Overview

Spirittea is a charming life simulation game where you take on the role of a spirit bathhouse owner. Nestled in a picturesque mountain town, your task is to help lost spirits find peace and relaxation. These spirits, inspired by Japanese Yokai folklore, have become restless due to a decline in human belief and offerings.

Spirittea is more than a game. It’s an experience filled with joy, satisfaction, and a sense of achievement. Scrubbing spirits, cleaning the bathhouse, and rebuilding it to its former glory is an adventure that will keep you engaged and entertained.

Every spirit you scrub, every cobweb you clean, brings you closer to your goal. With each completed task, you’ll see the bathhouse transform and spirits become happier.

The game’s charm lies in its simplicity and the sense of calm it brings. It’s a serene journey that allows you to immerse yourself in a whimsical world, bringing joy to spirits and rebuilding a beautiful bathhouse. With Spirittea, you’re not just playing a game. You’re living an enchanting adventure.


So, are you ready to scrub some spirits and bring a smile to their faces? With this comprehensive guide, you’re now fully equipped to embark on your Spirittea adventure. Remember, the key to success in Spirittea lies in patience, consistency, and a genuine desire to spread joy. 

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