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Palworld Ranch Limit: How Many Pals Ranch Can Hold?

The Ranch in Palworld offers players a fantastic opportunity to gather resources without any manual labor or being present in the game. By letting your Pals graze at the Ranch, they provide you with valuable items such as gold, eggs, and honey. Ranching plays a vital role in the breeding process, as you’ll need cakes to breed your Pals. 

Gathering resources through the Ranch makes this process much simpler and entirely AFK. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Palworld Ranch Limit and provide tips on maximizing your ranching experience.

Palworld Ranch Limit is 4 Pals

The Ranch in Palworld has a limit of four Pals at any given time. If you attempt to add a fifth Pal, it will simply leave the Ranch and begin wandering elsewhere. To add Pals, you can craft another Ranch, allowing you to house four more Pals.

If space is limited at your base, consider placing a Ranch at another location. If neither of these options is feasible, you’ll need to manually switch Pals based on your current resource needs.

For example, if you require wool you would place a Pal that produces wool in your Ranch. Once you’ve gathered enough wool, you can swap the Pal with another that provides different resources. This way, you can maintain a steady flow of the resources you need without exceeding the Palworld Ranch Limit.

How to Craft and Use Ranch in Palworld?

A ranch is a valuable structure you unlock at Technology Level 5 in Palworld. To craft a ranch, you need to have 50 woods, 50 fibers, and 50 stones. These resources are quite rudimentary and easy to collect. Once you have these, you can construct your ranch anywhere you prefer, bearing in mind the importance of sufficient space.

After crafting your ranch, you need to assign pals for grazing. Each ranch can accommodate a maximum of four pals. The type of resources your pals produce depends on their genre. After some time, they will start to produce resources. Pals assigned with the transport task will collect these resources and deposit them in your chest. 

Or, you can manually pick up these resources by throwing a pal at it. However, assigning a pal to this transport task allows you to generate resources while being AFK, making it a more efficient choice.

All Ranch Drops

Each pal type assigned to your ranch will yield different resources. For instance, certain pals will produce berries, while others may generate eggs or even valuable gems. Here is a list of pals and drops:

Pal Drop
Melpaca Wool
Vixy Gold Coins, Arrows, Pal Spheres
Woolipop Cotton Candy
Mau Gold Coins
Chikipi Eggs
Beegarde Honey
Cremis Wool
Flambelle Flame Organs
Caprity Red Berries, Wool
Lamball Wool
Mau Cryst Gold Coins
Mozzarina Milk
Sibelyx High Quality Cloth


Best Pals to Use in Ranch

The choice of pals to assign to your ranch can vary depending on your specific needs or strategy. However, certain pals have proven to be particularly advantageous in the ranch.

  1. Vixy: This pal is easily obtainable and consistently digs up valuable resources like arrows, gold, and blue Pal Spheres, essential for early XP gain.
  2. Mau: Typically found in caves and dungeons, Mau generates gold coins consistently, serving as a reliable income source.
  3. Sibelyx: This pal is located in snowy regions and provides high-quality cloth, a crucial material for crafting certain items.
  4. Chikipi, Mozzarina, Caprity: These pals are easy to find and provide eggs, milk, and red berries, all necessary ingredients for breeding cake.
  5. Beegarde: Although rare, this pal is essential for a steady supply of honey, another vital ingredient for breeding cake.


In conclusion, the Palworld Ranch Limit is an essential aspect of the game that players must be aware of to maximize their ranching experience. By understanding the limit of four Pals per Ranch, you can strategically rotate your Pals, prioritize resource needs, and expand your Ranch network to optimize resource gathering. 

Keep your Pals happy and healthy, and you’ll enjoy a steady supply of valuable resources to support your in-game progress. 

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