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Leviathan Cross: A Powerful Symbol of the Occult World

The Leviathan Cross, also known as the Satanic Cross or the Cross of Satan, is a symbol that has been associated with various occult and esoteric beliefs. The symbol features a cross with two arms of equal length, intersecting at the midpoint, but with a small ring or circle positioned below the intersection point. 

This distinctive design has been interpreted in different ways by different groups, with some viewing it as a representation of divine balance and duality, while others see it as a symbol of rebellion and defiance against traditional religious beliefs.

Despite its controversial connotations, the Leviathan Cross has captured the imagination of many individuals who are drawn to its mysterious and enigmatic appearance. Whether used as a symbol of personal belief or as a statement of nonconformity, the Leviathan Cross continues to intrigue and captivate those who seek to explore the depths of esoteric knowledge and symbolism.

What is the Leviathan Cross?

The Leviathan Cross, also known as the Cross of Satan or Brimstone symbol, is a lesser-known emblem with deep-rooted significance. Its origins trace back to ancient alchemic traditions, where it served as a symbol for sulfur, one of the essential elements in alchemy.

This two-pronged cross, often misinterpreted as a sign of evil, holds a complex set of meanings that go beyond its alchemical roots.

Symbolism and Meanings Associated with the Leviathan Cross

The Leviathan Cross carries a multitude of meanings, largely influenced by its historical, cultural, and religious contexts. As a symbol of sulfur, it signifies the transformative power of nature and the universe’s elemental forces. Its connection with the biblical sea monster, Leviathan, further underscores themes of chaos and primal power.

In the context of modern Satanism, the Leviathan Cross is a symbol of balance and duality, representing the harmony of opposites and the interplay of forces that govern our existence. Despite its association with Satanism, it’s essential to remember that it’s not an inherently evil symbol but rather a representation of individualism and personal liberation.

Usage and Representation of the Leviathan Cross

The Leviathan Cross is widely used in various contexts today. In alchemy and chemistry, it’s still recognized as a symbol for sulfur. In religious and philosophical contexts, it’s used to represent dualistic principles and the balance of opposing forces.

In popular culture, the Leviathan Cross has found its way into art, literature, music, and fashion. Its striking design and profound symbolism make it a favorite among symbol enthusiasts and those drawn to its mystical allure.

Is the Leviathan Cross a Popular Tattoo Design?

Yes, the Leviathan Cross has indeed gained popularity as a tattoo design. Its intricate design and rich symbolism make it an appealing choice for those seeking a unique and meaningful tattoo. People often choose it to represent their personal beliefs or as a symbol of transformation and balance in their lives.

However, given its association with Satanism, it’s crucial for individuals considering this tattoo to understand its various meanings fully. This ensures that they resonate with the symbol’s connotations and are comfortable with the potential interpretations and reactions it might elicit from others.

The Leviathan Cross in Occultism

Known by many names such as the Satanic Cross, Brimstone symbol, or Sulfur Cross, the Leviathan Cross has its roots in ancient alchemical tradition. Its appearance consists of a cross with a loop at the top, resembling the infinity symbol, and two parallel lines crossing the loop.

The Leviathan Cross is believed to be a symbol of balance and unity between the male and female aspects. It represents the harmony between opposites, a concept deeply ingrained in occult philosophy. The two parallel lines signify duality, while the infinity loop denotes the eternal cycle of life and death.

The symbol has also been associated with the biblical sea monster Leviathan, symbolizing chaos and the primal forces of nature. In occultism, the Leviathan Cross is often used as a symbol of spiritual ascension, a testament to the transformative powers of nature and the human spirit.

The Leviathan Cross: Modern Interpretations and Usage

In the modern era, the Leviathan Cross has taken on new meanings. It is often associated with atheism and anti-religious sentiments, largely due to its adoption by the Church of Satan as a symbol of defiance against traditional religious beliefs.

However, many people today view the Leviathan Cross as a symbol of personal power and self-realization. It is seen as a symbol of individuality and resistance against societal norms. In this context, wearing a Leviathan Cross can be a statement of personal freedom and self-expression.

Where Can You Find Leviathan Cross Jewelry and Accessories?

The Leviathan Cross, due to its striking design and deep symbolism, has found its way into various forms of jewelry and accessories. From pendants and earrings to bracelets and rings, the Leviathan Cross is a popular motif in alternative fashion.

You can find Leviathan Cross jewelry and accessories in alternative fashion stores, online marketplaces, and even artisan handmade jewelry shops. Whether you’re drawn to its mystical allure or its symbolic meaning, a piece of Leviathan Cross jewelry can be a unique accessory to express your individual style.


The Leviathan Cross is a symbol teeming with historical richness and multifaceted meanings. From its alchemical roots to its modern interpretations, it remains a powerful emblem of transformation, balance, and individualism.

Whether you encounter it in a chemistry book, a religious text, a piece of art, or as a tattoo, remember that this symbol’s true essence lies in its complex symbolism and the personal significance it holds for those who embrace it.

FAQs – Leviathan Cross

What does the Leviathan Cross symbolize?

The Leviathan Cross is often used to symbolize infinite balance, protection, and the eternal universe. It is also connected with concepts of sulfur (or brimstone) and has occult symbolism related to Satanism.

Is the Leviathan Cross a Satanic Symbol?

Yes, the Leviathan Cross is considered a symbol of Satanism and is frequently associated with Anton LaVey and the Church of Satan. It is used by some Satanists to depict their beliefs and practices.

Can the Leviathan Cross be found in Popular Culture?

Yes, the Leviathan Cross may be depicted in various forms of art, jewelry, and even tattoos. It has appeared in popular culture, including in gothic imagery, and as a symbol of protection and balance.

What materials are commonly used to represent the Leviathan Cross?

The Leviathan Cross can be found in various forms, including as a cross pendant, tattoo, or necklace. Materials such as 316L stainless steel are often used to create jewelry featuring this symbol.

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