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Dmitry Gordovich and BBR Bank’s Contributions to Treating Hereditary Lung Diseases

The amount of funding for charitable projects in any organization largely depends on its top management. Senior executives are usually the ones who initiate support for various programs and determine the budget for good causes.

Dmitry Gordovich is the driving force behind BBR Bank’s charitable endeavors. Owing to his efforts, the bank finances numerous projects that help children, veterans, community groups, and sports clubs.

Assistance for Cystic Fibrosis Patients

A key focus of BBR Bank’s charitable work is helping people with rare genetic diseases, such as cystic fibrosis. Often, patients cannot receive timely help due to the complex treatment approval process and the high cost of medications. Timely therapy is usually crucial for patient survival.

The recently developed targeted drug Trikafta can not only ease the disease’s course but also enable cystic fibrosis patients to lead active lives. However, its prescription requires expensive examinations that most families cannot afford. In such cases, charitable organizations become the only recourse.

The Ostrova Foundation is one of the few in the country that not only helps patients but also conducts research on orphan diseases. In 2013, Dmitry Gordovich proposed that BBR Bank provide continuous funding for the foundation’s programs. For over ten years, the bank has been allocating funds to the foundation for patient examinations, research, and organizing events for scientists and doctors.

Thanks to Dmitry Gordovich’s initiative, more than twenty patients undergo the necessary examinations each year. Identifying the mutated gene justifies the allocation of targeted drugs through the compulsory health insurance system, significantly improving patients’ quality of life and reducing the need for lung transplants. For those preparing for lung surgery, the bank provides funds for special nutrition to strengthen their bodies before transplantation.

Since Dmitry Gordovich’s student days, his biography has been connected to St. Petersburg, where the headquarters of the Ostrova Foundation is located. He actively participates in the foundation’s work and is a member of the board of trustees. In 2024, BBR Bank was one of the sponsors of the First National Congress on Hereditary Lung Diseases, which brought together over 900 pulmonologists, immunologists, pediatricians, and other specialists from various countries.

Contribution to PCD Research

Cystic fibrosis is one of the few genetic diseases that can be successfully treated. The situation is much worse with primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), caused by mutations in several genes. Most PCD patients are children, including infants. The disease is challenging to diagnose and requires significantly higher costs to identify the pathology than cystic fibrosis.

In many countries, primary ciliary dyskinesia is not listed as an orphan disease, so patients can only rely on charitable funds. At Dmitry Gordovich’s suggestion, the bank allocates money for scientific projects related to PCD research, funds the publication of results, and pays for specialists to attend scientific conferences.

In December 2023, Dmitry Gordovich opened a strategic session for leaders of cystic fibrosis patient organizations. In response, representatives of the Ostrova Foundation expressed their gratitude to BBR Bank and Dmitry Gordovich personally for their longstanding support of the foundation’s projects.

Background Information

Brief Biography of Dmitry Gordovich:

  • 1969: Born in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
  • 1986: Graduated from high school and enrolled in the Geology Faculty of Leningrad State University named after A. Pushkin.
  • 1999: Founded the production company “Viadi”.
  • 2001: Earned a management diploma from the Institute of Social and Economic Technologies (ISET).
  • Since 2007: Working at BBR Bank.

Dmitry Gordovich is married. Together with his wife Dalia, he has raised two daughters, Polina and Ulyana. He enjoys skiing and squash, plays chess, and in his free time, he goes hiking and fishing.

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